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The Changing Season

Raumklang presents the third part of LPF12’s „Circular Collapse“ trilogy, the first two parts of which were self-released, but count among the most respected works in Sascha Lemon’s extensive discography.

Known for his secretive electronica sound which is rich with details and flawless in its production value, the German IDM producer proves in top shape: Clocking in just under an hour, “The Changing Season” evolves over ten tracks with a distinct storyline, from the trip hop-style shuffle beats of the opener “Connecting the Dots…” to the crackling experimentalism of the title track, which brings a surprising ending to this immersive trip.

Focusing on what he does best – creating atmospheres and floating harmonies with purely electronic sound design – LPF12 manages to mesmerize the listener with a complexity that’s never overwhelming, with a catchiness that never turns gaudy and an experimental edge that provides just the right amount of seriousness. An album for all changing seasons!

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  • LPF12
  • 08/2016
  • 56:15
  • CD, Digital
  • raum-cd-26
  • raum-net-62
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Dietz
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

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CD, Digital


01 Connecting The Dots (with you)
02 From Where We Stand
03 The Steps
04 How We Used To Exist
05 Blind Eyed Walkers
06 Meet Me Somewhere Else
07 Follow
08 A Few Noticeable Pillars Of Creation
09 Things To Come
10 The Changing Season

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