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Fifth Element

The "Five Element" is our new cyberspace. It is a place where we can answer back without any possibility of our being lethally injured. There's fight for survival in this space too, but one doesn't need to go on strike against authorities or build barricades. Political inclination of my description implies that the time is coming. So, you're in!

It's melodic, deep and kickin' IDM with drippin beats. Media Data is balancing hypnoticing patterns and beautiful melodies perfectely with pulsating basslines and crunchy beats. It's a dark IDM journy at it's best.

For sure you will hear much more from that talented artist in 2018. Stay tuned.

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  • Release Date
  • Lenght
  • Available Formats
  • Cat. num (physical)
  • Cat. num (digital)
  • Label
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  • Cover
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  • 01/2018
  • 22:28
  • digital
  • Void Null.X3 (Huron Rmx)
  • Raumklang Music
  • M. Data
  • V. Chernov
  • V. Chernov

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01. Void Null (feat. bs0d)

02. Fifth Element

03. Cyberspace X.1 (feat. bs0d)

04. Huron (Testing Of Sound RMX)

05. Fifth Element (R.Roo RMX)

06. Void Null.X3 (Huron RMX feat. bs0d)

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