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The Anarchist Manifesto: The Anarchy Remixes

Everyone has the natural right to live one’s own culture according to his or her own principles and way of living, based on reciprocal respect. Mutual respect will be present if every one of us is treated as an individual person. Governments and religious institutions oppress by pushing people to conform to a set of rules and norms. Every member would be denied from living his or her own culture and eventually gives it up. This oppression then manifests itself in the dark side of people.

The EP release, ‘The Anarchist Manifesto: The Anarchy Remixes’ features 2 remixes from Devil’s Breath of their track ‘Anarchy’, together with other remixes from other artists of this same track. ‘Anarchy’ is one of the tracks in Devil’s Breath debut album, also released on Raumklang Music.

This is not the typical remix release one would come across, asthe artists invited to participate come from different music cultural backgrounds such as Ambient, Ritual, Techno, IDM, Industrial, Rhythmic Noise, Psytrance, Dub and Experimental.

  • Artist / Producer
  • Release Date
  • Lenght
  • Available Formats
  • Cat. num (physical)
  • Cat. num (digital)
  • Label
  • Mastering
  • Cover
  • Layout
  • Devils Breath
  • 03/2019
  • 219:30
  • Digital
  • raum-net-70
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Grinberg
  • Y. Attard
  • Y. Attard

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1 Anarchy (Devil's Breath Forte remix)
2 Anarchy (Devil's Breath remix)
3 Anarchy (Ah Cama-Sotz remix)
4 Anarchy (Useless Position remix)
5 Anarchy (Michael Idehall remix)
6 Anarchy (Tokee remix)
7 Anarchy (Pulp Extortion remix)
8 Anarchy (Konchog Gyaltsen Counter-Re-Action remix)
9 Anarchy (Hypercube remix)
10 Anarchy (Rose Red Flechette remix)
11 Anarchy (Lifecutter Astma Gasp remix)
12 Anarchy (Yura Yura remix)
13 Anarchy ([ówt krì] remix)
14 Anarchy (Refectori remix)
15 Anarchy (Thlaaflaa Ecopessimistic Edition remix)
16 Anarchy (Salook remix)
17 Anarchy (Swarm Intelligence remix)
18 Anarchy (Techno Thriller remix)
19 Anarchy (Arrhythmia Deep In The Vortex remix)
20 Anarchy (Aevin remix)
21 Anarchy (Zumaia remix)
22 Anarchy (Conjecture remix)
23 Anarchy (Under Konstruktion remix)
24 Anarchy (S6SS aka 6SISS remix)
25 Anarchy (Yunclas remix)
26 Anarchy (Blacksmith Ritual remix)
27 Anarchy (Artillery Nightspace Contagious Magick remix)
28 Anarchy (Jóhann Eiríksson remix)
29 Anarchy (Voidloss Destroy Authority remix)
30 Anarchy (Gerstein remix)
31 Anarchy (Dead Janitor remix)
32 Anarchy (EMERGE remix)
33 Anarchy (Küjuu remix)
35 Anarchy (Makaton remix)
35 Anarchy (Forcewave remix)

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