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The Other Side Of Reality

Huron is a Berlin based musician of electronic music. Influenced by the music of bands like Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or styles of EBM/Industrial Music, Acid and Detroit-tech¥ he recorded his first mixtapes and later in the age of 17 years he constructed his first own tracks of electronic music (industrial, techno, ambient). Since the year 1990 till year 2005 he worked as a DJ under different alias at many different places and clubs.

Around 1998 his music style developed more and more to idm and electronica and the new alias Huron was born. His first own album came out on crazy language. A net-label he found with a good friend (axiom) to publish experimental, electronica and idm stuff.

In the last years he released many tracks on different label-compilations from labels like miga, crl studios, trachanik, solanic org, wounds of the earth, sektion27, raumklang music and crazy language and he remixed tracks from se, atmogat, dnn, datacrashrobot, zeno and xzicd.

Today he is working only in the idm/glitch/electronica, ambient and darkstep sector under his alias huron. His sound is characterized by glitchy and destructive beat-structures, crispy percussions and dark emotional/melancholic pads. Mostly a journey into the abyss of soul and a picture between a uncertainly dark future and hopeful morninglight.

With "The Other Side Of Reality", he surely hit the top of idm perfectionism. Strong and dark melodies paired with massive, glitched beats who makes you nod your head and take the trip in Huron's outaspace.



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  • Huron
  • 10/2013
  • 66:04
  • CD + Digital
  • raum-cd-12
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  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Dietz
  • fksd
  • Huron

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CD + Digital


blackaudio.wordpress.com [10/2014]

Wired electronics come to life, as scattered sparks and flutter between beats and pads, representing the landscape that is the opener, ‘Dark Fields’; and a heartbeat carries the birth of this new machine forward into the reverberated landscape of ‘Silent Hills’. Huron provide tracks that split down the middle into two halves, with a complex framework of glitch ridden sounds; that provide an abrasive bedrock for a sea of chamber dripping piano and pads, to drag themselves across, occasionally stumbling through the cracks.

As a prime example of how to precisely piece together shards of scattered IDM, Huron has clearly nailed this down to clinical perfection; every note has its place, every scrape has a purpose, every beat the appropriate level of thump.

However, with trying to achieve something so undeniably spot on, there is a downside to this album (albeit a very small misgiving). ‘The Other Side of Reality’ is so on the money, there is the tendency to lose the necessary humanity that plucks on the heart strings and sets the hairs on the back of your neck on end. With every note brutally scrubbed with an aural antiseptic, the only downside is that there is a tendency somewhat to become detached from the music and watch it flow from afar; as if viewed on a giant screen, rather than taking part.

As I said though, this is an almost insignificant grievance on what is overall an excellent example of programming wonder. Dripping with atmosphere, it’s clear that Steffen Schröder takes his work seriously; and regardless of my minor quibbles there is much on this latest album to marvel at. Influences are many and it won’t take much for any self-respecting IDM aficionado to work these out and applaud Huron for matching his peers’ technicality and class.

igloomag.com [05/2014]

Huron (aka Steffen Schröder) yields other worldly electrical distortion, post-industrialism and atmospheric noise with audible particulate debris on his latest with Raumklang. In a void somewhere between Access To Arasaka and Dryft, The Other Side of Reality is an emotive galactic blend displaying broken star clusters that have coalesced into a tethered and glitchy fabric. Ambient shards tossed around and configured into dark matter have maneuvered Huron’s sound sculptures into magnetized form, swirling into and out of each other with ease. Sharp edges, fluid rhythms, mechanical pulses, chiseled percussion and a darkened veil surround these dozen tracks that spark, reflect and ricochet in every direction. Released in October 2013, Huron takes the listener to the other side of reality and delivers an impacting and effective post-industrial sonic nebula.

adnoiseam.net [11/2013]

Here finally comes the long awaited first CD by this unsung veteran of the Berlin electronica scene. Full of downtempo electronica, deeply melodic tunes and sharp, glitchy beat, "The Other Side Of Reality" sticks well to the somewhat industrial side of IDM and impresses by the versatility of its execution. Deep, dynamic, clear and highly interesting, it is a very welcome album which we strongly recommend.

seeksicksounds.com [11/2013]

The Other Side Of Reality” : une œuvre aux multiples facettes electronica et IDM, qui fait honneur aux plus belles productions du genre connues à ce jour. Pourtant si on vous cite le nom de Huron, cela ne vousévoquera sûrement rien. En effet, sorti tout droit de l’ombre Berlinoise, l’artiste est bel et bien un inconnu du bataillon. Mais si sa popularité semble à première vue bien maigre, ses références n’en sont pourtant pas moindres (Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze), et les influences nombreuses : Access to Arasaka, Gridlock, Hecq (de quoi redorer son blason).

La pièce se présente comme un voyage aux tréfonds des abysses, une ouverture vers l’inconnu et la découverte du rêve éveillé.
Dès les premières minutes, c’est l’immersion assurée. Sa maitrise du sound design fait sensation. On constate un équilibre parfait entre ses beats déstructurés et ses mélodies hypnotiques. C’est la règle d’or pour provoquer la fracture directe de son hémisphère droit. Difficile de débattre sur ce sujet, et Huron s’en sort à merveille.
Il serait en revanche incorrect de chroniquer cette œuvre en ‘track by track’ car, comme dit précédemment, il s’agit d’un condensé d’émotions pures, de ressentis propres à chacun, à prendre tels quels. Rares sont les disques qui offrent l’opportunité d’emprunter un chemin non défragmenté. Chaque track se présente ici comme une suite de portes, faisant à chaque fois face à un nouveau paysage. Même si une certaine mélancolie émane de cet album, elle ne perturbe en rien sa poésie, bien au contraire.

Il est intéressant d’évoquer aussi la cover artréalisée parHuron lui même, projection visuel de ce que le disque provoque en termes de sensations.Son penchant pour l’art futuriste et minimaliste est un choix remarquable qui accentue avec brio le style industriel. Ceci est une pure connotation subjective, mais dont on doit pourtant se rendre à l’évidence.

Difficile de passer à côté, l’année 2013 s’est présentée comme une année riche en productions, et “The Other Side Of Reality” se présente lui aussi comme un incontournable. Huron a démontré tout son talent en nous offrant un trip à part entière. À ranger dans sa discographie sans hésiter.


01. Dark Fields

02. Silent Hills

03. Landscape Of Autumn

04. No Deadlock

05. Absence

06. Without The Sun

07. Black Clohing

08. Electric Skylark

09. Vector Change

10. Stu_Block

11. White Landscape

12. Right And Wrong Places

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