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Devil's Breath

Devil’s Breath begins with a penetrating atmosphere and gradual build-up. This facilitates the listener at reflecting and realising the world as we know it must end in order to live in a better environment. We must therefore resist political, religious and all other forms of authority in exchange for our personal freedom which freedom would otherwise never be achieved. Subsequently, a call is issued for anyone wanting to join the Devil's Breath army to bring about the desired radical changes.

Eventually, the war of all wars takes place in which the Devil's Breath's army fights on the battlefield
Subsequently, the war has been won from our end and tribute is given to all our brothers and sisters who died at war in the name of our common cause.

Once the war has ended and the tribute rituals have taken place, the world then needs to be recreated into a place where only justice reigns and where all humans are treated equally and freely. The next stage deals with the stage in which everyone of us is getting accustomed to the new way of life.

The final chapter narrates the anarchic ideology being put into practice and in which state the world will eventually be in, everyone will belong to the same social stratum and where there is no room for any form of authority.

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  • Devil's Breath
  • 11/2016
  • 55:26
  • digital
  • raum-net-64
  • Raumklang Music
  • Tokee
  • Devil's Breath
  • Devil's Breath

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01. Omega

02. Devil’s Breath

03. Conscription

04. Coup d’etat

05. Funeral Mass

06. Mourning

07. Zurdos

08. Assimilate

09. Anarchy


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