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Snowflakes VII

In times of happiness and joy, in times of sorrow and contentment, music has always been our best companion. Music has helped us welcome people in our lives and our hearts, but also helped us to overcome loss and sadness. Music has always been there, an overmastering, unstoppable, loquacious companion since the beginning of time. It is simply inconceivable to imagine our lives without music. The world would collapse in a single day. Music brings us together, binds us into this binomial nomenclature that human species are.

For seven years now, Raumklang Music has been giving to its friends a very thoughtful gift: the compilation “Snowflakes”. It’s an album made with love, care, affection and compassion for all of you. It’s an album where artists have given a part of themselves to form the perfect gift for you. Enjoy it, share it with your beloved ones, with your friends or your relatives. This year, the first 200 downloaders will get this compilation as a free gift. It’s Christmas time and Snowflakes part VI is here to put us into the Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten, and love each other!

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  • Various Artists
  • 12/2016
  • 92:20
  • digital
  • raum-net-66
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Grinberg
  • A. Tartaglia
  • A. Tartaglia

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digital, unlimited


01. [basementgrrr] - 4 degrees
02. Mind.Divided - A Cold Winters Sun
03. Momentum - Gyroscope6
04. Huron - par3579
05. InSpiral - As Eye(s) said
06. Dirk Geiger & Maurizio Bianchi - Iron Tears
07. Ecstasphere & Aphexia - Absolution
08. 3,14 & Daoine Sidhe - Path To The Unknown
09. Colony Collapse Disorder - We Are Kin
10. Samhain - Six Angels (remix)
11. Frl. Linientreu - Nightcrawler
12. Chaotalion - ZO7OZ
13. the_empath - Borgaris (Snowflakes 2016)
14. Mirland - Magenta Star
15. Hezzel - Gloom


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