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Daena Yn Hsytoria / saynt.cylia.yex.synaesyn

aynth is the conceptual, artistic vision of a young man, based on the fantasy world Anthropoda. All songs have yalic titles, while the music itself combines complex, often distorted beats and self made percussion with lush soundscapes. Influences of eastern culture can be heard as well.

daena yn hsytoria is the last album of aynth. the project is not longer existing. one reason more to grab this album right now.

deep, dark idm with a great touch of industrial beats and textures are waiting for you. the album includes remixes of broken fabiola featuring digital.rape and mind.divided.

  • Artist / Producer
  • Release Date
  • Lenght
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  • Cat. num (physical)
  • Cat. num (digital)
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  • Aynth
  • 05/2013
  • 57:23
  • Digital
  • raum-net-28
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Dietz
  • Aynth
  • Aynth

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digital, unlimited


01. Aegnea
02. Mentea
03. Aegys Myrien
04. Nau Ymmaru
05. Trivaed Tryun
06. Obdalysque
07. Saynt
08. Saipentia (Empire Mix By mind.divided)
09. Saipentia Mnetea (Broken Fabiola + digital.rape Remix)

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