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Imaginary Life

The Raumklang family welcomes Athens-based artist DSTRB, providing a highly atmospheric debut album with nine tracks oscillating between the melodic appeal of dark electro and the versatile rhythmic backbone and soundscapes of IDM.

Initially tracks like the sample-heavy “Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien” or the slightly nostalgic “Run Away” flirt heavily with the dance floor by means of a prominent use of beats and bass, and yet there’s a hidden agenda of darkness around all the time. The second half of the album retreats into a more woeful, sinister territory, with bittersweet earworm melodies like in the title track or the concluding noisy debris of “Chaos in my Heart”.
Decidedly electronic in sound, deeply and authentically emotional, the 52 minutes of “Imaginary Life” are more than convincing and successfully put DSTRB on your map!

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  • DStrb
  • 08/2015
  • 51:56
  • digital
  • raum-net-52
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Dietz
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

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01. ThinkTooMuchFeelToLittle
02. RunAway
03. Jusqu’ici Tout Va Bien
04. DISTuRBed
05. DownFall
06. ImaginaryLife
07. Believer
08. AutumnOfFear
09. ChaosInMyHeart

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