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A Certain Kind Of Decay

“A certain kind of decay” is the second album to be released on Raumklang Music Records and contains ten brand new tracks. Again we can expect a mixture of dark and deep electronics, this time with a heavily analog approach , dirty basslines and kicking beats.
Experimenting with noise, samples and vocals , a new facet unfolds as we dig deeper into the album.

Music is always influenced by a certain state of mind and good or bad feelings. The last album was influenced by traveling and meeting places and people.

This time the tracks emerged from the negative side of life , the shit happing everyday in the neighborhood or on a big scale , such as the catastrophe in Fukushima.

Asking the master mind behind [basementgrrr] about the new approach to his album, the answer sums up the feeling to his new release:

“You know… it is all about the darkness, the dirt and anger that sometimes bring you down in life. It has been like a catharsis making the album! “

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  • [basementgrrr]
  • 04/2014
  • 55:54
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  • raum-cd-14
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  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Dietz
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

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Blackaudio.wordpress.com [10/2014]

‘After the Devastation’ opens this latest release by the curiously titled [Basementgrrr], in futuristic Dark Ambient style. Vicious whispers and clatters scythe through the machine humming mix and provide an effective deception at the true nature of this acts staple genre.

‘Dead Planet’ hits with a blast of complex electronics and science fiction led synths that flare through a barrage of rhythmic sources and scattered patterns; that are reminiscent of the underrated Totakeke. This all consummately feeds well into ‘Polyarnyy’; opening up with emphatic pads that meld into soundtrack arpeggio led beats and chimes, that are broken down into an effective structure that oozes competently with atmosphere.

‘A Certain Kind of Decay’ is one of those albums, which whilst doesn’t set the world on fire, nails down all its key components well. Fusing the occasional smattering of commercialism into the mix along the way (as on the furious ‘My Darkest Part’) supplying a relevant break in the bleak soundscapes envisaged; and provides enough twists and turns to keep the listener on their toes.

As a solid piece of electronic music that tightly knits dyed in the wool scene friendly industrialism, this latest album ticks all the relevant boxes and should please the many over the few. There is however, something that just fails to raise an adequate level of excitement in me and I struggle right now to place my finger on what it is; regardless of the obvious talent [Basementgrrr] so obviously possesses.

Aliens.sk [10/2014]
I must admit that already debut CD of this one man project whose existence in Germany has made an impression on me, and his next creation was a high expectation for me. To be honest trailers that had been circulating on the internet haven’t shake me so much, but that was before that I had cd in my hands until now. I'll probably compare so let’s get to it. Compared to the previous release this cd is straighter and more experimental although you can hear that is the same searching as at the beginning. I like exactly what this project creates. Creative electronics full of influences from IDM, ambient through ebm till strong industrial wraps. It is not just about crashing beans in simultaneous line. This cd has a charge, soul and knows how to move. Powerful bass line hits in the complex rhythms, melodies are falling in beautiful tuned tones and all of that in industrial tuned beats and canned arrangements. Although at first listening, this concept is not immediately digestible as his predecessor and certainly will lean on you with his entire force. Compared to the previous release, there is more time space. Tracks are leaping and hits in their entirety. Many tunnels and energetic accompaniment in the highest quality electronic surface. This cd is a must !!!

chrisdupontblog.wordpress.com [05/2014]

Der Versuch, viele Stilelemente aus verschiedensten
Musikbereichen zu vereinen, geht meistens so richtig schief.
In den seltensten Fällen gelangt ein solcher Mix bei
gehäufter Anwendung und Beliebtheit zu Eigenständigkeit.
So geschehen bei Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), in dessen
Dunstkreis sich auch Ralf Gatzen mit [basementgrrr] begeben hat.

Es ist äußerst beeindruckend, wie auf “a certain kind of decay“
verschiedenste Grundstrukturen weiterverwendet werden.
Techno und EBM werden hier mit Dubstep Barrikaden versehen
und in eine himmlische Fläche gepackt.
Diese Art ist, gerade bei IDM, nicht neu. Dennoch sehe/höre
ich hier mehr Potenzial als bei vergleichbaren Künstlern.
Stimmung und Harmonie sind dermaßen synchron, das man fast
mitsummen kann, ohne die Scheibe vorher gehört zu haben.
Hier und da gibt es ein paar Vangelis-ähnliche Ausreißer
mit Leads und Samples (siehe Blade Runner Soundtrack), die
genug Spannung aufbauen, damit man bis zum Schluss gefesselt bleibt.
Das “a certain kind of decay” bereits in der zweiten Auflage
angeboten wird, spricht für sich.
Ein Album wie dieses, bei dessen Produktion der Künstler
über Limits hinausgeht, ist wirklich selten.
“a certain kind of decay” wurde von Dirk Geiger’s “Raumklang Music” veröffentlicht.


01. ?????
02. Dead Planet
03. Polyarnyy
04. Baltic Sea
05. My Darkest Part
06. Delsjön Mord
07. Solveig Died By Accident
08. The Great Downfall
09. How Can I Ever Live Without You ?
10. Black Sand

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