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Alteranima is Elda Di Matteo, a musician, graphic designer, writer and dj based in Italy. After many years of classical training, she discovered electronic music, she fell in love with idm, liquid sounds and broken glitchy distorted rhythms. In Germany she could finally get in touch with the real electronic culture, she had the chance to collaborate with This Morn' Omina and Talvekoidik, she spinned at some of the most important venues and festivals together with the GlobalNoiseMovement crew. She attended a large amount of gigs and festivals, writing lots of reviews and live reports for :Ritual: magazine.

Back to Italy she collaborated with Typhoid. Then she found 2 extraordinary fellow travellers, Matteo Di Giovanni and Danilo Di Giulio, who helped to complete the first cd. "Stereograms", released by Raumklang-musik, explores the beauty and the astonishment of the "third dimension" starting from a bidimensional point of view. The wonderful thing is that the same depth can be applied to music and above all to the process of composition, which is definitely an "other/higher state of the soul". Alteranima itself is a reflection of that very special moment (from latin "alter = other" and "anima = soul").

The album includes remixes from some of the best artists in the contemporary electronic music scene: Access To Arasaka, Stendeck, Talvekoidik and Autoclav1.1.

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  • Alteranima
  • 06/2013
  • 79:01
  • Digital
  • raum-net-30
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Dietz
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

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unlimited, digital


01. The Third Tone

02. Stereograms

03. lucid Dream

04. Inner Silence

05. Expanding Mind

06. Open Wide

07. Pixelechoes

08. Expanding Mind (Stendeck rmx)

09. Inner Silence (Access To Arasaka rmx)

10. Lucid Dream (Talvekoidik rmx)

11. Expanding Mind (Autoclav1.1 rmx)

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