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Snowflakes X

For the 10th anniversary of the snowflakes compilation, there are some surprises this time. There is not only a download, but also a strictly limited edition of a cassette. There are 24 Tapes for sale!

For various reasons, this year it has not become a typical compilation, but an anniversary edition with 2 artists. The A side contains a 29 minute piece by Dirk Geiger, the founder of Raumklang Music and the Snowflakes Compilation. You can expect field recordings, IDM, drone music, mesmerizing beats and fat sound carpets.

The B-side contains an equally long piece by the artist Ajunahee, also known for his project [basementgrrr], with which he has been on Raumklang Music for years. Look forward to experimental electronic music, dark atmospheres, multi-layered drones, tribal beats and much more.


  • Artist / Producer
  • Release Date
  • Lenght
  • Available Formats
  • Cat. num (physical)
  • Cat. num (digital)
  • Label
  • Mastering
  • Cover
  • Layout
  • Dirk Geiger, Ajunahee
  • 12/2019
  • 57:14
  • Tape / Digital
  • raum-mc-04
  • raum-net-71
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Grinberg
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

Additional information

strictly limited tape of only 24 copies


Side A: Dirk Geiger - X

Side B: Ajunahee - The Ancient Path


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