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The Remixes

This is the remix album for the latest album "Mirrage" of Letzte Ausfahrt Leben. Nine different artists took this rhytmic noise monsters and gave them a new spirit. Still rhytmic but in a new shape. "Mirrage - The Remixes" contains remixes of Greyhound, Conjecture, ZandoZ Corp. and many many more. Take it for free or name your price and pay whatever you want.

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  • Artist / Producer
  • Release Date
  • Lenght
  • Available Formats
  • Cat. num (physical)
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  • Label
  • Mastering
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  • Letzte Ausfahrt Leben
  • 09/2014
  • 50:48
  • Digital
  • raum-net-39
  • Raumklang Muisc
  • A. Dietz
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

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01. Gebetsruf (Conjecture Remix)
02. Tears (XFnX Remix)
03. Reflection (ZandoZ Corp. Remix)
04. Breaking The Shadow (Galgenbelt Remix)
05. China Town (Dominik Thaler Remix)
06. Mirage (Hardstompmix by LaUD23)
07. Reflection (Cold Flesh Colony Remix)
08. China Town (Dacaboya Remix)
09. Dark Thoughts (Greyhound Remix)


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