- new release: Devils Breath - March Of The Wounded

‘March Of The Wounded’ is the second album of Devil’s Breath which explores new musical territories, relates to both past events where native persons have either been wounded and/or died during massacres carried out by non-natives, and also relates to current day situations where natives’ existence comes under threat as a result of similar unjustified invasions.

March Of The Wounded pays tribute to all the Native Americans who were wounded and murdered by the settlers and later by the United States Army and is also dedicated to the current indigenous Brazilian people whose existence is threatened by Brazil’s President Bolsonaro because, as he had vowed in his electoral campaign, he is deforesting the Amazon forest and as a result forcing out the indigenous people from the forests since he wants them to conform with his vision of a westernised civilisation.



01. Wounded Knee Massacre

02. To Riot Is Your Right; Your Right Is To Riot

03. Burundanga

04. Mystic Massacre

05. March Of The Wounded

written & produced by Devil’s Breath
mastered by Anatoly Grinberg
cover & artwork by Cultura Obscura

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