- new release: Eisentanz - Y-Meson E.P.

Eisentanz plays pipes, coffee mugs and body drums from USA to Japan and from Russia to India.TheSwiss musician is a musical artist that experiments with different materials and objects to create different sounds and rhythms. His live performance include sewage pipes, his metal body drums and other objects that are each connected to a microphone. Eisentanz wants to inspire others to be different and try new things. His performance is unique and different and is worth watching.

Eisentanzwouldn't call his performance style "music" per se.Heexperiments with different materials and objects to create different sounds and rhythms. He utilizes sewage pipes, coffee mugs, and metal plates fixed on his arms and legs, what he calls "metal body drums" and other self-developed instruments made fromeveryday scrap materials.

The word Eisentanz translates to "iron dance" in English, whichhefinds especially fitting because of the unique objects he wears and plays live.

Now, he presents the EP "Meson". The45-year-old explored the possibilities of sounding irons and similar previously, today he emphasizes his focus primarily on the rhythm and the music. He thereby refined the sounds, which he finds in his environment and integrates them into rhythms, enriched with harmonious splashes of color. The spherical resigns a little and gives more and more space to the atmospheric. The individual pieces live by minimal musical brush strokes, finely strung electronic, iron sounds line like rocks in a pearl necklace. The receptive intensity is generated by sophisticated arrangements and the well mixed sound.


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